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Murdurr Fraser in bid to lead new 'Independent' Scottish Labour Party

By Eck Spence-Fiddler our Westminster Correspondent

murdurrIn a shocking new development, leading Conservative MSP Murdurr Fraser has become the first politician to announce his intention to stand for leadership of the Labour Party's branch office in Scotlandshire, a post left open by Johann La Mont's sudden resignation last Friday.

Fraser first came to the public attention when he contested the leadership of the Scottish Conservative party following the 2011 Scottish elections, standing on a platform of separating off the Scottish party from London to form a new independent right wing-party to be known as the Scottish Monetarist and Unionist Group (SMUG). He was narrowly defeated by current Tory head girl, Ruth Davidson.

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Johann La Mont resigns from Labour to join the SNP

By Munger O'Scairs, our Scottish Labour Correspondent

Curran-scowlIn her second shocking revelation this weekend, Ex-leader of Labour in Scotlandshire Johann La Mont has announced that she has today relinquished her Labour membership and applied to join the Scottish National Party.

Ms La Mont, who had been a Labour member and activist since her teens, resigned as Labour's Scottish "leader" on Friday, claiming her Westminster colleagues were "dinosaurs" who treated Scotlandshire like a "branch office".

Her exit from the Labour Party will be a further blow to Ed Miliband's hopes of forming the next Westminster government, and will only be compounded by her decision to apply for membership of the Nationalists. This is all the more galling as viewers with longer memories will recall that Ed 'gets' Scotlandshire.

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Patronising BT Lady II: You'll have had your serial

By Fahr Q. Yesurs, our U-KOK film reviewer.

fracking-iraquingOver the course of the past two years, BBC Scotlandshire has been consistent in promoting the benefits of this region remaining within the greatest political and economic union in the history of the world.

Throughout that time, our Nat opponents have ridiculed our version of a Better Together Britain, claiming only their side offered hope and prosperity to the people of Scotlandshire.

Now that the referendum has been won, and thoughts of Separation have been set aside for a generation, we celebrate how swiftly our vision of Greater England has begun to be realised.

BBC Scotlandshire is proud to present a new film, commissioned by us from the team which brought you the #PatronisingBTLady, Fibber and Kantz plc, and which shows how far our beloved region has come in just a single month.

We give you, Fracking & Iraquing.

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The missionary position papers of the three stooges fighting to be Wee Nippy Sweeties

By Libby Poppy-Gander, Our Shouting-From-The-Hip correspondent

Nicola waiting on her tea

The Scottish Nationalistic Party's plans for a new Deputy Leader were last night thrown into chaos when North British Labour leader Lady JoJo Lalamont highlighted the lack of any fish-related surnames among the candidates.

Dictator-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon was said to be furious at this gaffe by the Nationalistics' HQ staff and promised heads would roll.

BBC Scotlandshire has been leaked the mission statements from the three candidates who're seeking to be the new deputy dictator of Scotlandshire.

Next month will see the SNP devotees selecting one of these power-hungry splittist monsters as Nicola Sturgeon's deputy party leader.

BBC Scotlandshire is proud to exclusively publish raw statements of the splittist politicians before the separatists’ Public Uninformation Bureau of External Splittism (PUBES) went to work sanitising the messages for mass consumption.

Loyal viewers are urged to review the sanitised versions of these statements to fully understand the effectiveness of the Natz propaganda machine - even the real true state broadcaster of Scotlandshire struggles to compete.

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Scottish Labour and Conservatives parties to form even stronger alliance

By Hugh Mungus-Mountebank, our Scottish Political Correspondent

BOBWOver recent days, senior members of the Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservative parties have been holding secret talks concerning their 2015 election strategy, which could lead to the merger of the two parties, BBC Scotlandshire has learned.

Labour insiders say both parties are concerned that falling membership, particularly among younger members, will lead to poor results in the 2015 General Election.

Along with the dramatic rise in the memberships of the splittist-supporting parties, this has led to the current 'crisis talks' taking place between the Labour and Tory leaderships in Scotlandshire.

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Britain blooms as Scotlandshire is unquestionably Better Together

By Gordon Brownlips, our Pensions, Powers and Transplants Correspondent.

BrownlipsSince last Friday's confirmation of Westminster's superiority, life has already become far better for the resident's of Great Britain's most northerly region.

Over the course of just a few short days, in what must be seen as a ringing endorsement of the Better Together campaign, almost every aspect of life in Scotlandshire has shown a rapid improvement.

In the few brief examples I have given below (taken from one of my after dinner speeches) my subjects can see for themselves that, just as I promised you all before the referendum, the UK really is OK.

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George Galloway revealed to be the Queen?

By Neil Downe, Our Royal Correspondent

galloway queenThe Royal Household is convulsed by speculation as to how the Queen could have "purred" down the phone to David Cameron.

"She's a very doggy person (just as Princess Anne is very horsey)", said the Groom of the Stool, "and can't stand to be in the same room as a cat. She can't stand to be in the same room as David Cameron either, but that's another matter altogether. She never purrs."

The Royal Fool (or Prince Charles as he is normally called) suggested that "Mummy employs servants to do common things such as talking to peasants like Cameron.

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Entryism threat faces SNP and other splittist parties

By Nat Hunter, Our aPolitical Correspondent

new membersEvidence is mounting that Alecsammin deliberately prevented new members joining the party in order to preserve his dictatorial control over the seditious organisation.

Within hours of the broken First Minister resigning his post. new applications flooded into their Charlotte St HQ, as the Natz virus went panicdemic.

As 18,002 19,558 20,557 26,108 27,106 28,053 29,237 30,548 35,104 38,032 40.358 41,385 42,589 44,358 46,806 51,046 52,135 56,365 57,951 (and rising) new applications threatened to engulf staff coping with their new membership total of 83,243, information received by this channel revealed that Sammin was the main reason why so few had been allowed to be SNP members previously.

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Jack Straw : 'Make the Union indissoluble'

By Bullit Anbomm, Our Irish Correspondent

enda-kennyEnda Kenny, Taoiseach of Ireland, was incandescent about "that fu*kin eejit, Jack Straw" trying to restart the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Straw's suggestion that the international agreement between the UK and Ireland should be unilaterally broken by insisting that Northern Ireland could never leave the UK would lead to violence "that would make George Square look like a Bhuddist meditation session", said a source.

Straw, the Shadow Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (actually he isn't, but Wiki says he is and Wiki is the fount of absolute truth) proposed that "we should follow the example of stable federated countries (the US and India, for example) and say: 'This Union is now indissoluble'."

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Gordy & Dave: Twa cheeks o the same skelpit erse

By Snikibas Turd, our Phone Tapping Correspondent

David-Cameron-using-a-mobyThe following is a transcript of a telephone conversation between Gordon Brown and David Cameron, which was recorded early on Friday morning as it was becoming clear that the Union had been saved:

<call connected>

Dave: Hello Gordon. Great news on the indyref. How can I help you?

Gordy: Thanks David. I'm calling about my timetable for extra powers.

Dave: Oh that? But surely you're not going ahead with any of that now. We won, dear boy, we won!

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