A partly political broadcast on behalf of Creepy Jim Morphy

By Yew Choob, our Lyrically Satirical Correspondents

commercialFollowing the revelation in the latest Ashcroft polls that he may lose his seat to the SNP, Creepy Jim Morphy has released another short video explaining his election strategy.

This is not to be confused with grown-up politics, which is generally quite an important business. And one which professional politicians, at least, normally treat quite seriously.

Mr Morphy, it would appear, is content just having a laugh at the voters' expense(s).

Unfortunately Mr Morphy's 'eye candy' [Ed: Seriously?] was absent from the PPB as she was still recovering from another drubbing at FMQs. Deputy Dawgdale was too upset after being bested yet again to appear on camera.

A spokes-spad for Ms Dawgdale commented: "Kezia is finding her MSP Modern Apprenticeship much tougher than first expected."


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