Fury as new Cybernat initiative targets our Great British Grannies!

By Yoonie Versalle, Our expert on everything Scotch.

Union lovers across Britain are incensed at the upcoming launch of a new Separatist website aimed at 'informing' pensioners in Scotlandshire.

The site, which aims to create nationalist propaganda for distribution to the aged and enfeebled, is due to launch, like some cybernat trident missile, immediately after Sunday's anti-union rally in Glasgow, the second city of our Empire.

Using the name Mrs Howden's Scotland Forum to disguise it's traitorous intent to aid in the breakup of the most enduring union in history, their ultimate aim is the harassment of your grandparents.

They intend to produce printed materials for distribution to vulnerable individuals who have no regular access to the internet. These 'materials' will be stuffed with nationalist 'facts' and aimed at reassuring the elderly that splitting the UK is actually a good thing to do.

Much of the ire directed at those behind this vile initiative has been caused by their decision to target the very people in whom Better Together invested so much time and effort during the last separatist campaign.

Campainers are apalled that all of those phone calls and doorstep visits in which aged voters were quite rightly informed by earnest SLab councillors and others that their pensions would cease the day after a Yes vote, will have been for naught.

Never again will we witness the 2014 run on the banks in Stornoway as terrified retired crofters demanded their life savings be paid out in English £20 notes, fearing the Scottish versions would become worthless on the 19th of September.

We urge you, nay we emplore you, not to sign up to this awful Cybernat plot, nor to visit their website to determine for yourself what it is all about.


In contrast to the spoof BBC across the Clyde, comments are no longer banned on BBC Scotlandshire News pages.

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