Cameron “put private part into dead pig’s head” in bizarre ritual, book claims

By Richard Trotter, our Chief Bestiality Correspondent

Prime Minister carrying out his ministerial dutiesAn unofficial biography of David Cameron written by the former Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft has made a series of claims about his involvement in a drug-taking environment at university.

According to the biography, an MP claims to have seen photographic evidence that Cameron put a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s head as part of a dining club initiation ritual.

The MP told the authors Cameron attended a dining club called Piers Gaveston, known for its debauchery and named after the lover of Edward II, as well as being part of the Bullingdon drinking club, which was notorious for trashing rooms.

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Speaking to the biographers, one Tory MP said he had been asked to join the Bullingdon Club but walked out of the first event in disgust and considered it was all about “despising poor people”.

The book does not provide any evidence of Cameron ever having been involved in any destruction at the Bullingdon Club, and the individual who is said to have a photograph of the incident with the pig has not provided any corroboration.

The story quickly spread over the Twittersphere, with shocked users posting images of the Prime Minister with pigs during his political duties. There were also comparisons with 2011 Channel 4 satirical drama Black Mirror, one episode which involved a fictional Prime Minister being blackmailed into having sex with a pig on live television.

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A friend from university also said Cameron smoked cannabis with him occasionally while listening to Supertramp as part of a group called the Flam Club, according to the book.

James Delingpole, now a rightwing journalist, told the authors his room at Christ Church college, Oxford University, was where he took the drug with Cameron and another friend. “My drug of choice was weed, and I smoked weed with Dave,” he reportedly said.

The publication of extracts in the Daily Mail, two weeks before the Tories’ autumn conference, is a sign of how far Ashcroft has fallen out with the prime minister, who is said not to have followed through on a promise to give him a significant job after the 2010 general election.

Ashcroft wrote that he had a personal “beef” with Cameron because he did not give him a role in the coalition, claiming Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat deputy prime minister, had blocked it. Cameron later reconsidered and offered Ashcroft a job as a junior whip in the Foreign Office.

There's been a marked increase in questions being sent to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for PMQs this weekAshcroft wrote: “After putting my neck on the line for nearly 10 years – both as party treasurer under William Hague and as deputy chairman – and after ploughing some £8m into the party, I regarded this as a declinable offer. It would have been better had Cameron offered me nothing at all.”

The book, co-written by the journalist Isabel Oakeshott, also alleges that Cameron knew in 2009 that Ashcroft had non-dom status, meaning the donor legally did not pay UK tax on overseas earnings.

When a row about this blew up in March 2010, just before the election, the prime minister claimed only to have been aware about it for less than month.


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