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Smelly scroungers ruin Saturday shopping in Glasgow

By Nat Butcher our Political Correspondent

Hundreds of sweaty and unwashed anarchists marched through Glasgow on Saturday in a futile attempt to change the government's essential and right-headed policy of austerity.

Rather than undertake their civic duty to spend their weekends searching for a six-month work experience project without pay, the marchers chose to interrupt traffic in the city centre and cause panic amongst weekend shoppers.


The behaviour of those attending the disruptive and pointless event merely served to justify the statement made by Ruth Davidson, spokesnasty of the Conservative and Unionist Nicer Together Society, which now includes both Scottish Labour and Liberal Democ-rats, that the vast majority of Scots are nothing more than lazy scrounging neerdoweels.

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Prizewinners celebrate success at this years Scottish Quisling awards

By Pears McAvity our Showbiz Correspondent

wunch-of-bankersThe annual Union of Scottish Unionist Quislings awards took place last night in lavish red carpet event hosted in the House of Lords in front of a glamorous crowd.

Revellers included a small bevvy of journalists, a large appropriation of MPs, a substantial honorarium of Lords and a complete wunch of bankers. [ Ed: Are you sure that's the correct collective noun, Pears?] The event was sponsored by the City Of London Old-boy Network.

These awards were launched in 1978 , when USUQ was formed by the Labour and Conservative parties as part of their preparations for the Scottish Assembly referendum. Each year since then, USUQ has recognised and rewarded those Scottish politicians who have shown outstanding commitment to working against the interests of Scots and the Scottish Nation.

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All of Europe invited to celebrate start of WWI

By Tobias Yirnovoat our correspondent for shamelessly cashing in on the fallen

passen mudDavid Cameron has announced  a year of celebrations to commemorate the outbreak of "The Great War" which will be held across Europe in 2014.

France and the Low Countries will be invited to join in the 2014 festivities to mark the beginning of the five year global conflict - which the Prime Minister has described as "A 'Great' war, made in Great Britain and won by Great Britain" - so those countries will be able to feel more positive about the outbreak of war.

A spokesbanker for the PM explained that some countries had been "dismayed and appalled" at plans to mark the start of hostilities with a £50 million trench festival. However, critics had been (quite literally) silenced by the subsequent offer to send gangs of Union flag waving English schoolchildren to Belgium and France, to assist the locals in feeling a proper sense of Britishness.

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Brian Taylor sacked as head of Bias for BBC Scotlandshire

By our new acting head of Bias Gary Robertson


It is with deep regret that BBC Scotlandshire announces the dearture of Brian Taylor from his long-standing post as acting head of Bias.

After almost 84 years of unstinting adherance to the strictures of BBC policy, Brian let himself and his colleagues down this week by publishing a nightmarishly balanced opinion piece on Thursday's First Minister's Questions in which he seemed to be suggesting that Alex Salmond had somehow bested the other three coalition leaders.

This was a clear breach of the BBC Charter which has as its headline aims, to Mildly Entertain, to Indoctrinate and to Misinform (viewers in Scotland have their own programmes).

Following reciept of the following memorandum, Brian Taylor has been asked to stand down from his post as acting head of Bias. He will, however, be continuing in his secondary role as interim political editor of BBC Scotland. He will also stay on as commissioner of pies for the Holyrood canteen, a role he has enjoyed for many years, and which he has undertaken with characteristic gusto.

At BBC Scotlandshire, we may not have the same punishingly high threshold of political and establishment bias as our colleagues at BBC Scotland, but we do at least require consistency.

While thankfully rare, this is not the first such lapse we have seen from Brian, and the channel felt strongly that a clear signal had to be given, both to Brian and to others, that failure to adhere to proper standards of reporting, particularly on matters which touches on constitutional affairs, is entirely unacceptable at the BBC and will be duly noted.

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BBC Scotlandshire (unfairly) accused of institutional bias

By our political correspondent Nat Hunter

Chris-PattenBBC Scotlandshire executives have been unjustly accused of political bias from a number of quarters this week.

It has been alleged, without any basis in fact, that the organisation has consistently favoured the Westminster government's position on Scottish independence, and that this has both skewed and stifled the political debate.

Chris Patton, chairman of the BBC Trust and the last Englishman to set foot on the British Empire, has written to BBC Scotlandshire following a private meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond. Mr Patton insists that steps are taken immediately in order to remove any impression of bias in the news reporting of the organisation.

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Separatist rioters spoil the capital

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

braveheartDozens of Braveheart-crazed nationalists caused havoc in the capital today as they took part in a rowdy and ill-disciplined 'march for Separation'.

In scenes reminiscent of the British riots, which destroyed the centres of many British cities in Britain last year, the protesters stormed through the streets of Edinburgh all morning, having rioted earlier in the Meadows.

Many had travelled all night to be there, and were described as “sweaty”, “smelly” and “a bit untidy” by one Meadows resident.

Shoppers and tourists alike were stunned into silence as the rioters, many in fancy dress, sporting Alex Salmond masks or wielding the separatist blue and white 'saltire', forced their way into Princes Street gardens where, for several hours, they mindlessly chanted and danced for their leaders .

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STV chiefs may face jail after 'Boogate' complaints.

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

stv-newsScottish Television Executives could face stiff fines and possible prison sentences after failing to adequately report the booing of the First Minister Alex Salmond at Friday's Olympic homecoming parade in Glasgow's George Square.

Hundreds of complaints have been made to OfCom by furious members of the "Better Together" campaign after STV news chose to ignore the booing and reported, instead, on the return of the athletes to their home country.

Complainants said that it was unacceptable to show such blatant political bias during such an important time in Scottish politics.

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Cameron gives green light for MPs to relocate to Holyrood

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

westminsterUK Ministers have today revealed their plans for the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster. Work will begin in 2015 and is expected to take 5 years and cost over £3 billion. The proposals will also require the peers and MPs to move out while the renovation is underway.

The scheme was announced by the House of Commons commission, which is chaired by Speaker John Bercow MP. Mr Bercow claimed that, if repairs were carried out while the parliament was in residence, the cost of refurbishment would rise to over £10 billion and would take up to 20 years to complete.

He said “as a consequence we will need to find a new home for both MPs and Peers for the whole of the next parliamentary term”.

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Andy Murray must now become English, says Cameron

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

Murray becomes BritishDavid Cameron's coalition government has announced that Andy Murray is to be officially crowned as "Britain's Greatest Ever Tennis Player", in a move which has angered many Scots tennis fans.

The title of "Britain's Greatest Ever Tennis Player" will be added to the new year's honours list for 2013, under a provision in the Scotland Act, known as a Section 30 order.

The new honour will be awarded by the Scottish Office, and will be only slightly less important than the Order of the Thistle, which was awarded to Prince William this year by his granny, her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

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