STV chiefs may face jail after 'Boogate' complaints.

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

stv-newsScottish Television Executives could face stiff fines and possible prison sentences after failing to adequately report the booing of the First Minister Alex Salmond at Friday's Olympic homecoming parade in Glasgow's George Square.

Hundreds of complaints have been made to OfCom by furious members of the "Better Together" campaign after STV news chose to ignore the booing and reported, instead, on the return of the athletes to their home country.

Complainants said that it was unacceptable to show such blatant political bias during such an important time in Scottish politics.

Ian Davidson, the Chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee on Ripping Scotland from the Bosom of Mother England, said on Reporting Scotland:

davidson doing"First we had NewsNat on the BBC, now we have Salmond Television – STV.

"My position, and that of my committee, is that youse are all getting a doing – just as soon as we get back in charge again... somewhere."

Torrie McQuislin, a spokesperson for the Better Together campaign, spoke to the BBC after the parade.

She said: "We were furious that the STV news did not make more of the booing, and very unhappy too that they chose to show so many Saltires.

"This ridiculous flag waving is overtly political and should not have been allowed to spoil a celebration of sport like this. The parade was all about Team GB, not the SNP, and these little regional flags had no place here.

"Besides which, we spent a small fortune on Union Jacks and then spent hours handing them out to kids, and I hardly saw one of them on the STV news. Not to mention all the pints we had to buy for the boys when they went back to the lodge after the parade."

"The difference on the BBC Scotland news was remarkable. There wasn't a Scottish flag in shot, and the interviewer even managed to find all of our supporters - and no-one else. The BBC behaved exactly as a state broadcaster should. We could not have been more pleased."

mcnuttWullie McNutt , Glasgow organiser of the Scottish Defence League, told reporters the booing of the First Minister had been "completely spontaneous".

"As soon as fat Eck dragged his curry-soaked belly up onto the stage, I geed the signal and there wus a huge roar ay completely spontaneous booing," he said.

"An Nane ay us had ever heard ay Colin Moynahanahan, but somebody telt us he was a pure mentol right-wing Tory, so we aw thought 'that's the boy for us' and geed him a big cheer an that."

Labour's Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy claimed that the entire crowd of 5000 people had booed the First minister, rather than the 20 to 30 reported by those who were actually there.

He tweeted: "Scotland's First Minister gets 'Osborned' as huge Glasgow crowd boo him at Olympic celebration. Roll on the Referendum. #bettertogether"

murphySNP MP Pete Wishart responded later with the following tweet: "Catching up on all the #boogate nonsense. Odd that Jim's tweet was sent almost 5 minutes before the booing took place".

Shadow Scottish Secretary, Margit Curran tweeted: "Alex and George have more in common than they think. Both booed by crowds supporting #TeamGB. I Laughed so much I had to reach for a #TenaLady".

Olympic gold and silver medallist Andy Murray was unable to make it to the parade in Glasgow, sparking concern that he was feeling less British than before.

He told a BBC correspondent in New York, "I just got back from the British Embassy and they had plastered the walls of the room with Union Jacks and stuff and handed me a big tin of shortie with the UJ painted all over it. Enough is enough".

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont was unavailable for comment.

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