Election 2015: Jim Morphy denies 'preferring Cameron'

By John McTearwan, Chief of Staff at Nikileaks

Jim EMScottish Labour leader Jim Morphy has denied a newspaper's claim he told a German diplomat he would prefer David Cameron in No 10 over Ed Miliband.

The Daily Telegraph published a Scotland Office memo claiming the Labour MP privately said Labour's leader was not "PM material".

Mr Morphy said in a tweet the story was "definitely, unquestionably, palpably, indubitably, honestly, 1000% untrue".

German officials said he did not express a preference for PM but the Labour party said the report was "damning".

The Daily Telegraph published on its website a transcript of what it says is an official British government memorandum which includes details of a private meeting between Mr Morphy and German Consul-General to Scotlandshire, Verena Gräfin von Roedern.

 Discussion with the German Consul-General

6 Mar 2015

Just had a telephone conversation with Verena Gräfin von Roedern (VGR), the German CG. She was keen to fill me in on some of the conversations her Ambassador had during her visit to Scotland last week. All of this was given on a confidential basis, so please limit any onward circulation.

The Ambassador had a truncated meeting with the Scottish Labour leader Jim Morphy (JM running late after a busy day of dissembling...). Discussion appears to have focused mainly on the political situation, with JM stating that he wouldn't want a formal coalition with the SNP; that the SNP would almost certainly have a large number of seats; that he had no idea 'what kind of mischief' Alex Salmond would get up to; and confessed that he'd rather see David Cameron remain as PM (and didn't see Ed Miliband as PM material).

When pressed on this revelation, he explained that in his opinion a Grand Coalition of Labour and the Conservatives was the only way to avoid giving the SNP "getting what they wanted" and that he would rather see David Cameron continue as PM than having to "cowtow to that bastird Salmond with his fat smirky puss".

He also said that UK Labour leader Ed Miliband (EM) was a "f**king pussy" who will never be forgiven for "exiling me to Jockistan at the peak of my career". He expressed the opinion that EM "couldn't run a f**king wilk stall in the Barras" and described David Cameron and Ed Balls as "the dream ticket".

I have to admit that I'm not sure that JM's is known for this level on honesty (or any at all, ever, for that matter), so it might well be a case of something being lost in translation. Frankly, we still can't see the relevance of the former First Minister's cat or the other feline reference to EM.

Ed Miliband told this channel: "Let me be extremely clear on this, these are damning revelations."

When asked if he would rule out a coalition with the Conservatives, he said: ""I absolutely rule out a coalition with the SNP, I'm extremely clear on that. David Cameron may have his bad points, but at least he isn't planning the break-up of the UK. I can't be any clearer than that. I'm being unbelievably clear on this. Clearly.

"Now, if it's alright with you, I'll clear orff"

A spokesnat from the SNP said: "Of course, this isn't the first time the Torygraph has published 'authentic' German diaries from a dodgy source, but this time there is at least a ring of truth about the contents."

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