What on Earth is the point of this site?

bbc atlantic_quayThis site was developed to highlight the dreadful service the people of Scotland receive from the local arm of our State Broadcaster, BBC Scotland.

The bias of the channel towards the Union and the Status Quo has become all the more blatant since the SNP gained a majority in the Scottish Parliament in May 2011, and the holding of a plebiscite on independence became inevitable.

BBC Scotland has been widely and consistently criticised over a long period for their one-sided approach to the constitutional debate. Their editorial choices, selection of stories and commentators and their uncritical approach to Unionist spokespersons and press releases is stifling the constitutional debate and damaging the reputation of the BBC.

BBC Scotlandshire publishes satirical, fictional stories in the style of BBC Scotland alongside the occasional genuine story. The fictional stories take the traditional BBC bias a little further, for emphasis, and the fictional stories try to be slightly more ridiculous than the real ones. However, readers may have difficulty telling them apart.

We are not attempting to fool anyone into believing our satirical articles are true, hence the subtle, (and sometimes obvious) clues on each page, making it clear that this is a spoof site. The fact that some readers have mistaken those stories for actual news items only serves to emphasise the danger of bias within the national broadcaster. Some people, apparently, will believe anything they read.

So, please read and enjoy the articles, tell your friends about the site, and don't complain about our biased approach – it's entirely deliberate.



The menu item 'The Papers' is simply intended to highlight the fact that BBC Scotland does not operate alone.







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