New book to accuse the BBC of institutional political bias – WTF?

By Steve Bell-Ende, Our "Autie's Incestuous Relations with SLab" Correspondent

london-calling-640x960A web site has just been published promoting sales of a book which tries to make a quite astonishing claim – that we, the BBC, Auntie Beeb are less than totally balanced on our political journalism in and regarding Scotlandshire.

Normally, any book making such patently absurd claims would end up straight in the BBC Index Expurgatus beneath my desk, but this one is being written by a repeat offender, the man behind the splittist blog, Newsnet.

GA Ponsonby, a self-confessed Cybernat, has spent years complaining about BBC Scotlandshire and collecting oodles of clips and screen-shots to back up his crazed conspiracy theories. Now he is writing down all his swivel-eyed rants in the form of a book, which he threatens to publish in April, well before the General Election.

Astonishingly, the book carries the title, LONDON CALLING – how the BBC stole the Referendum.

Stole! The BBC stole the referendum! When we were given it by all three legitimate British political parties, in a rare show of unity, and told to treat it as our own.

How can that possibly be described as theft?

Consequently, we are calling on every right-thinking Scot (and any left-thinking ones who haven't left the Labour party yet) to boycott this evil publication lest its separatist message infest the voters with the Nat virus it so clearly carries.

  1. Do not visit the website:
  2. Do not read the full first chapter for free on that same splittist site.
  3. Do not pre-order the book – you don't want to be one of the first to read it.
  4. Do not tell your friends about this book or the website.
  5. Do not visit the Ponsonby Post and read the second chapter for free there.
  6. Be sure to burn any copies you find. (Yes, I know it's a bit Third Reich but, since Steve Bell turned Labour's Guardian into Der Stürmer, it's probably cool now.)

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