BBC refuse to apologise for closing down pro-indy fundraisers.

By John T Angle of the Press Association.

bbc atlantic quay

The BBC has refused to apologise after being accused of closing down separation supporting fundraisers last week.

Two community barbecues which had been organised to raise funds for the upcoming campaign for the breakup of the United Kingdom (Indyref2) were cancelled following interventions by lawyers working for the BBC in London.

The legal team complained to the Federation of British Butchers, complaining of copyright infringement, which led to the FBB refusing to supply meat products to the events.

The chairman of the FBB, John, Fully-Bull, told BBC Scotlandshire that they had received legal papers from Lawyers acting for the BBC which demanded that they withdraw meat purchasing rights from the two barbecue organisers as the latter had breached copyright law.

"They claimed that the word barbecue was owned by the corporation as it could be shortened to BBC, and that it was therefore illegal for any organisation to publish advertisements or similar without breaching the laws of Copyright.", he said.

"That made a lot of sense to me, so we cancelled their meat orders, leading to the abandonment of both events."

However Pete R Current, head of the separatist organisation, Electricians for Indy, said the BBC lawyers had no right to disrupt their burger supplies as the word barbeque is actually spelled with a Q, allowing the term to be used by anyone who wishes."

However, the acronym BBQ is in fact owned by the British Board of Quizmasters, a subsiduary of BBC Scotlandshire, suggesting the BBC claim may still be correct.

Mr Current told this reporter, "I may be a saucy pedantic wretch, but he fact that our fundraiser was closed down on the premise of a simple misspelling just demonstrates how far standards have fallen at the BBC.

"We'll see the sun rising on an indy Scotland before we're done, John."

We also contacted Stew Campbell, chief griller of the tripe roasting blog, 'Wings over-Seasoned', who told us his meat supply had already been reinstated after he made a complaint to the Federation of UK Distributors of Stew (FUDS).

"It was clear that only pro-indy fundraisers were being targeted by the BBC, so we immediately lodged a complaint with the FUDS, which was upheld, causing the BBC to climb down", stated Campbell.

"Sadly, as soon as we re-advertised our 'Indy2 Barbie', we were served with a Cease & Desist notice from the same BBC lawyers, claiming they had now received a complaint from Mattel® Inc."


In contrast to the spoof BBC across the Clyde, comments are no longer banned on BBC Scotlandshire News pages.

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