Farage interview on UK Politics plagued by delays

By Mike Tuppenlagd, our Outside Broadcast Manager

farage-lagsThe BBC would like to apologise to viewers following this morning's edition of the Daily Politics show, in which an interview with UKIP leader Nigel Farage by Andrew Neil was marred by long transmission delays [ED: Can we use Andrew Marr's surname as a synonymn for 'f**ked up'?]

The result of the long delay was that Andrew was already well into his followup question before the answer to his initial query was heard by viewers.

This made it difficult for the programme's audience to follow the interview, a problem compounded by the fact that many of them were UKIP voters.

The BBC's technical unit has now produced a transcript of the interview with accurate timestamps, allowing interested viewers to reconstruct the interview as it should have been aired.

Some, however, may find the text to be more accurate and revealing if the timestamps are simply ignored.

TRANSCRIPT BEGINS AT 19/04/2015 09:23:10

AN 09:23:12 Mr Farage, your party's poll ratings are dropping like a stone, are they not?

AN 09:23:19 But you respond to the bad polls by demonising immigrants.

NF 09:23:16 No that's not true - we're perfectly happy with them, to be honest. Not all the polls are bad, just the older ones.

AN 09:23:28 And you are trying to connect with Labour voters now.

NF 09:23:23 That's right, we hate them and want to kick them out of our country.

AN 09:23:36 But, do you still despise the other members of the EU?

NF 09:23:32 We are more than happy to welcome them in as we have so much in common.

AN 09:23:44 How would you describe the average UKIP voter?

NF 09:23:38 We can't stand them: they smell bad and they speak English with funny accents.

AN 09:23:55 What do you think of Alex Salmond now he is heading for Westminster?

NF 09:23:49 He is well educated, intelligent and politically astute. I like and respect him.

AN 09:24:07 Would you prefer to deal with Angus Robertson?

NF 09:23:59 Quite honestly, I think he is extremely dangerous, possibly a terrorist and should be thrown in jail.

AN 09:24:17 Are you upset that some people sometimes compare you to Adolph Hitler?

NF 09:24:12 No, though I have long admired him. My wife is German too, you know.

AN 09:24:26 Would you be prepared to do a deal with David Cameron.

NF 09:24:21 I find the suggestion preposterous. I'm no fan of evil dictators.

AN 09:24:37 Will you resign the leadership of UKIP if you don't get in to parliament?

NF 09:24:32 I would be more than happy to do that, and I have already made the offer.

AN:09:24:46 Thank you Mr Farage. We're out of time now. You need to go.

NF 09:24:42 No, I'm not leaving and I'm not going anywhere, I'll stay where I am for perhaps another five to ten years. Then I'll consider moving on.


NB: The initials NF are in no way connected with exreme right wing and racist English nationalism.

Viewers looking for that kind of thing are directed to today's Marr interview with David Cameron.


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