EU president rejects Brexit application

By Jonny Uri-Piane, Our EU correspondent.


Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, has told the UK government that the EU will not be taking part in the #Brexit negotiations, despite the UK government triggering of Article 50 last month.

The EU politician has rejected the plans outlined by the UK to negotiate their exit from the EU over the next 2 years, saying simply, "Maintenant ce n'est pas le moment."

When asked by this correspondent to explain when it would be the time, Mr Tusk said, "At this time of great uncertainty, it is essential that all EU citizens work together to improve the Union for all of its parts.This would be made much more difficult by a UK brexit.

"Now, more than ever before, we need a strong and stable bureaucracy. Now is simply not the time for a divisive negotiation.

"Perhaps in a generation or so, once we have all retired."

Jean-Claude Junker, president of the commission, has responded to a letter sent to him by UK prime minister Theresa May in which she asked to begin negotiations on Britain leaving the EU. This was leaked yesterday by the British government after the EU refused to make it public, or even admit to its existence.

In his response mr Junker said that the UK's Brexit proposals were 'tricky' and would be hard to do' before rejecting them on the grounds that they would weaken cross-border trade within th EU.

UK Foreign minister Boris 'bojo' Jonhson, fresh from a successful panto season, expressed his anger and dismay at the decision to reject his Brexit wheeze plans.

He told the BBC, "I'm furious that the EU has decided to ignore our proposals, but I am angered even more to discover that they have the power to do so and that we even have to ask their permission before we can decide to leave their God-forsaken union. And this from a man who brazenly told us a Euro spent in Brussels is worth far more than one spent in Croydon.

"It surely can't be right that any person or institution can stop a people from exercising their right to self-determination", he opined. "What will be next, I ask you? Will we be forced to beg for Herr Junker's permission before we can even hold a referendum? That would be not only preposterous and undemocratic, but downright insulting to a proud nation such as ours. It's unthinkable!."

A spokesnat for the Scottish government said, "I shouldn't laugh..."


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