'Scotland on Sunday' - pathetic apologist for the Union

By Prin TshitOur Media Correspondent 

sos saltireBBC Scotlandshire executives have condemned the article in Scotland on Sunday's The Week which suggests an association between those wanting an independent Scotland and extreme right wing fascist activists.

"They have no right to take our glorious British values, and hand them to the Nats", said Director General Kenny McQuarrel. "We Brits invented concentration and labour camps to control Africans, and continued that up until the 1950s.

"Many Brits have supported Nazism - even the Royal Family and much of the Tory and Labour Parties who, at the time, thought Hitler was 'a jolly good chap' who put workers and dissidents 'in their place' - which was extermination and labour camps. A model that IDS should follow today."

sos v2He continued, "Johnston Press are simply gifting Salmond an ace card in the referendum. While he claims to have 'no territorial ambitions in Britain' at present, that's not how totalitarian regimes work. Gifted the fascist card by Sarwar and miscellaneous Borderers, Dictator Eck would start with a separate Scotlandshire, but would undoubtedly use Trident to force his rule on England too. Then he would need to adopt the true colours of Fascist Britain.

"Obviously he would then ethnically cleanse the country so that no one who was unable to prove their direct lineage from the first lichen to colonise Scotlandshire after the Ice Age would be allowed to be free."

fascist scotlandScotland on Sunday's photo was inspired by an article in the paper by Gavin Bowd publicising his new book. Bowd is an expert in Scottish history and politics, due to his teaching French at an obscure Scotch college in Fife. He is also a poet, fiction writer, journalist and translator.

Born in Galashiels in 1966, Bowd was clearly influenced by the momentous triumph in that year when England won the World Cup on behalf of the UK. Co-incidentally, Gala is only 18 miles from Jedburgh, where Ian Davidson MP, Nazi hunter extrordinaire and Chairchoob of the Scottish Select Committee for Identifying German Untermenschen Afraid of Nationalists in Alba, was born.

While Bowd's book appears to be a good account of the polarised politics in Scotlandshire in the inter war years (we at BBC Scotlandshire don't actually read books), he foolishly courts controversy in his puff piece, by associating the SNP along with the ethnic BNP in the "nationalist family". Further he writes of Scottish "nationalism, which has often taken on an ethnic rather than civic hue, with its paramilitary Seed of the Gael, Settler Watch and anti-English Braveheart hysteria."

However, it is no good Wee Eck the Dictator trying to put in a claim on fascism, it has been in the bloodline of the Union for generations, as is shown by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, Scottish Unionist MP for Peebles and founder of the fiercely patriotic 'Right Club'. Rabidly anti-semitic, Ramsay was the only MP interned during the war.

Fortunately, his spirit lives on, on both sides at Westminster. For every Fascist associated with Scottish Nationalism, British Nationalism can produce a hundred times as many! We will not be beaten! Indeed, since there are insufficient Scottish Braveheart fanatics around, we have started importing them.  Paolo di Canio used to keep his Lazio roommates awake all night by repeatedly playing the Braveheart DVD. Some foreigners (not many) are good foreigners, if they are our kind of foreigners, though they must be taught to associate Braveheart only with wide eyed dreaming, and not the serious business of keeping power in the hands of those of us who know how to use it properly.

We have long urged that all right wing British Nationalists like ourselves and our friends in UKOK should use the Braveheart analogy as often and irrelevantly as possible. That Bowd follows our advice gives us hope and succour in these most difficult times when the well worn tactic of negativity, scaremongering and smearing seems to be losing its effect. Our final victory will be assured when the last SNP minister is strangled with the latest edition of the Sunday Post.

“Dictator Eck” © Anas Sarwar

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