Enquiry seeks source of leaked BBC documentary

By Paddy Mundell MP (retd), our Unattributable Leaks Correspondent

jesus-morphyAn internal inquiry has been initiated to discover the person responsible for the leaking of a new BBC documentary which was sent to an independence supporting blog before its official showing on national television.

The programme is the first in a new flagship series of six historical documentaries entitled “Great figures in Scotch history”. The series was made for BBC Scotlandshire by Nonideefixe films in cooperation with the Historical Revision Institute (HRI) of Oxford University.

Presented by Scotlandshire's pre-eminent historian, Sir Kneel Oil-Lover, the series honours the efforts of the Scots who have been most instrumental in saving their countrymen from the evils of self-government.

“Jim Murphy, saviour of the Union”, the first episode of the series, was scheduled to be broadcast tonight (Friday 10th April), but was released illegally on YouTube 24 hours earlier by separatist website Bellow Caledonia.

Secretary of State for Scotlandshire, Alisdair Carmichaelmoore, who was present at a pre-screening for the film's sponsors, MI5 Government Movies (MGM), said: “These things happen during elections. Move along now. There's nothing to see here, apart from an excellent and informative documentary.”

For anyone who has yet to see the programme, we have now added it to the BBC AyePlayer.


Due to the huge number of complaints, comments are no longer banned on BBC Scotlandshire News pages.

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