Massive Unionist March Hailed a Great British Success

By Scott Fleg-Monger, our Westminster Correspondent

orange-orders-460Today's U-KOK march and rally in Hyde Park, which saw over 250,000 loyal souls stride against the evils of splittism, will have brought an almost unbearable sense of pride to all right-thinking Brits.

Here in the heart of London, the very beating spleen of British politics, the centre of this sceptered isle, this England, the power of the people was almost palpable.

I felt a flutter of chest, a redness of eye and dampness of cheek as I watched the images flick across every news channel, hour after glorious hour, in celebration of this outpouring of National bettertogetherness.

Not even the Hyde-park statues could fail to have their stony hearts moved by the spectacle of so many gathered in support of a common ideal – the defence of our still-great Empire. Even the 500 high-spirited revellers who were arrested by an over vigilant police force did nothing to dampen the spirits.

Many of the good and the great who addressed the massive audience appealed to the heart, speaking of past imperial glory and the vital part played by generations of loyal Scots. Always the first into battle, often armed with little more than a kilt and a belligerent attitude, and always proudly enjoying the highest rates of casualty.

sdlThe Scots were there whenever brown people were to be slaughtered, so they could be given their democratic rights, at the very reasonable cost of everything they possessed including freedom itself. For this proud shared history alone, Scotlandshire must be forever part of the British family of regions.

Others appealed to the head, talking of the largesse of the UK state in funding the expensive bounties of the Scots executive – the free healthcare, education and other benefits enjoyed by Scots and denied to the English, while being funded by English oil incomes. How ungrateful of Salmond and his splittists to demand their 'freedom' from such generosity, such selfless charity, which demands nothing in return save acceptance of the unending sovereignty of the Westminster parliament.

And this outpouring of Britishness was no centrally organised event. It was a true grass roots expression of unionist pride and positivity supported by a wide range of political parties and other groups. Included in the proud honour roll were Scottish Labour, The English Defence League, The British National Party, The Orange Lodge, The United Kingdom Independence Party, The Conservative Party, The National Front, The Scottish Defence League and The Liberal Democratic Party, alongside a myriad of fellow travellers and patriots.

royal mileCompare all of this, if you will, with the tawdry little assembly on Edinburgh's Calton Hill this Saturday past, organised and funded by the SNP Government, where a mere 250 marchers, mainly foreigners, socialists, gay rights activists and other ne'erdowells disgraced themselves in full public view.

No visible sign of patriotism broke up the tiny sea of regional emblems which was the High Street, save a distant redoubt of Union Flags atop that glorious English garrison on the Castle rock. Such was the nature of the assembled unwashed.

There was no talk of togetherness here, not a mention of battles fought and won, and not a word of thanks or gratitude for centuries of unstinting subsidy by generous southern neighbours. Only grievance, chippiness and violent protest were on display in Scotlandshire's capital city.

kidsWhere was the respect for the 'Mother of all Parliaments', which brought wealth and freedom to the world and civilisation to the Scots. Where was the tugging of forelock we have learned to expect ever since Victoria and Albert declared Scotlandshire their Highland playground. And where was the Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt our agencies have worked so long and hard to foster.

Instead of proclaiming the superiority of British values, those addressing the throng spoke wistfully of imagined futures, of impossible dreams of nationhood, of utopian fantasies where the people of Scotlandshire finally gain a government which reflects their nasty, greedy little socialist aspirations.

Even the normally trustworthy police seemed to be in league with the rupturists. On being asked for an update on the number of arrests, one officer responded in a shockingly unprofessional manner, saying, "less than the number of Tory MPs in Scotlandshire".

With attitudes like this amongst agents of the state, one might despair for the future of the glorious Union. However, our MI5 helicopter was busy throughout the event, and we have photographed, identified and indexed every one of the cleavists present on the day. We know where you live!

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