Two injured as MP Jim Morphy visits Stornoway Airport

By Wansinna Blumun, our Highlands & Islands Correspondent

murphy-planeTwo passengers sustained minor injuries this morning after a plane came off the runway at Stornoway Airport on the Isle of Lewis.

The Loganair service was due to fly to Glasgow at about 08:30. It is thought it may have been caught in strong crosswinds.

Police Scotland said two men were taken to hospital and two women received minor injuries but declined medical assistance.

Thankfully, Scottish Labour leader Jim Morphy was on the scene within minutes, selflessly helping the injured passengers off the plane and into the safety of a nearby huddle of reporters.

Later, Mr Morphy claimed he was not the hero of the hour, stating: “Don't think of me as a hero. I'm just an ordinary man like each one of you. I only did what any newly-elected leader of the Scottish Labour Party would have done.”

According to ex-chairman of BBC Alba and fellow expense enthusiast, Alistair Morrison, Morphy was last seen in Stornoway in August as part of his “100 frights in 100 nights” tour.

“The blessed Jim graced us with a visitation just a few weeks before bravely sacrificing himself to a Cybernat terrorist attack upon the altar of the Irn-Bru box. Jim gave his life to save us all from the sin of separation - then carried on touring regardless, having being resurrected on the third day.

Before the crash, Mr Morphy had been attending a meeting with the MoD in Plymouth. He was assisting Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichaelmoore with the arrangements to repatriate shipbuilding jobs to the South Coast from where they had been temporarily loaned to Scotlandshire during the pre-referendum period.

“I just happened to be nearby”, he explained, “so I rushed here as soon as I heard about the accident. Being an ex defence secretary carries a few travel perks, you know.

“But, more importantly, I felt compelled to come here and offer whatever assistance I could because these are my people.

murphy-marag“Speaking as a crofter, a life-long member of the Free Church and a Rangers' season ticket holder, I felt I needed to be here in the Island's hour of need.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “As a result of the incident two male passengers received injuries and were taken to Stornoway Hospital for further assessment/medical treatment. Two female passengers received minor injuries and declined medical assistance.

A full air accident investigation has now been launched and will be carried out by the AAIB in conjuction with Police Scotland, who will also be investigating how Jim Morphy always seems to be first on the scene of accidents.”

A statement from the airport operators said: "An outbound aircraft Saab 340 aircraft operated by Loganair veered off the runway at Stornoway Airport at 8.33am this morning.

"Efforts to remove both the aircraft and a ghoulish, publicity-seeking MP from the runway are ongoing and investigations into the cause of the incident are under way.

One of the slightly injured women, Mrs Morag Macleod, told this reporter: ”I had a bit of a sore wrist and another blone, Isla from Tolsta, had bumped her head on the seat back.

“Suddenly, Jim Morphy was there, offering to take us to the hospital in his BBC outside broadcast van. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, along with a full news crew.

“And when he asked if we would do a piece to camera with him, Isla and myself told him we would rather wait for the ambulance.

“Then, when we arrived at the hospital, Creepy Jim and his crew were already set up in casualty, so we both just quietly slipped off home for a nice cup of tea.

"We had just escaped from a plane crash. The last thing we needed was to follow it up with a train crash.”

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