STV chiefs may face jail after 'Boogate' complaints.

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

stv-newsScottish Television Executives could face stiff fines and possible prison sentences after failing to adequately report the booing of the First Minister Alex Salmond at Friday's Olympic homecoming parade in Glasgow's George Square.

Hundreds of complaints have been made to OfCom by furious members of the "Better Together" campaign after STV news chose to ignore the booing and reported, instead, on the return of the athletes to their home country.

Complainants said that it was unacceptable to show such blatant political bias during such an important time in Scottish politics.

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Cameron gives green light for MPs to relocate to Holyrood

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

westminsterUK Ministers have today revealed their plans for the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster. Work will begin in 2015 and is expected to take 5 years and cost over £3 billion. The proposals will also require the peers and MPs to move out while the renovation is underway.

The scheme was announced by the House of Commons commission, which is chaired by Speaker John Bercow MP. Mr Bercow claimed that, if repairs were carried out while the parliament was in residence, the cost of refurbishment would rise to over £10 billion and would take up to 20 years to complete.

He said “as a consequence we will need to find a new home for both MPs and Peers for the whole of the next parliamentary term”.

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Andy Murray must now become English, says Cameron

By our Political correspondent Nat Hunter

Murray becomes BritishDavid Cameron's coalition government has announced that Andy Murray is to be officially crowned as "Britain's Greatest Ever Tennis Player", in a move which has angered many Scots tennis fans.

The title of "Britain's Greatest Ever Tennis Player" will be added to the new year's honours list for 2013, under a provision in the Scotland Act, known as a Section 30 order.

The new honour will be awarded by the Scottish Office, and will be only slightly less important than the Order of the Thistle, which was awarded to Prince William this year by his granny, her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

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